Saturday, August 29, 2009

Work Sucks

Well, it was actually okay but I missed my baby so much. I kept thinking of all the cute faces I was missing out on. Anyways, I liked the place I was working at, everyone was dressed casual and people seemed nice, its just when I had to fill in at the front desk, I was kinda nervous cause I dont know who all the people are and I hate to page on the intercom cause I think I might sound stupid or accidentally press the wrong button. Then Thursday night my baby didnt want to go to sleep until 1am, so I stayed up with him, then Friday morning, I didnt want to go in, but my hubby got all mad saying he thought it was wrong for me to quit, its just I was so sleepy and the HR lady told me they are testing me to see if they want to hire me on full time, and I really dont want to work full time at one place. Im a temp, and I want to just float around,network and learn new skills at different places. I dont want to stay at one place, just doing the same thing wasting my time. They liked me there tho, they asked me to go back Monday,Thursday and half a day Friday, but I dont know. I want the money but, I miss my baby, and Im just lazy ;-)

Anyways, I know this post is kinda boring, but I need to practice on my writing so im making an effort to write as much as possible but it takes effort.

So, its Saturday, I dont have much planned for this weekend. I was thinking of dying my hair today, here at home of course since I dont have $180 a month to be wasting at Visible Changes anymore,maybe cleaning the guestroom and for sure BBQ hamburgers again. Tomorrow my BFF is supposed to come visit me so I look forward to that.I better get started on cleaning now before I go back to sleep and waste another day. Have a good weekend!


  1. Yur baby is cute.....
    Have a nice weekend..


  2. good luck on dying your hair! Ive never dyed mor hair before, at home or in a salon! Seems like work is going pretty good, even if you do miss you baby. I would miss mine too...if I had one that is!

  3. Your a lot braver than I am. I dont have enough talent to dye my own hair. Luckily, my cousin is a hair stylist so she does it for me.
    I hope everything at work works out ot for you!