Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So ive lived in Houston all my life and I love the city. Im used to houses everywhere and people making noise and all. Sunday was a whole new experience for me. Thanks to my brother in law wanting to play with his new gun, I asked my father if we could go out to his ranch to shoot it. He said yea, so we drove an hour out to the middle of no where. It was so cool there tho. He owns 25 acres of land and is building a house there. Sucky part is he gave us a "tour" and we had to walk alot. Then me and my hubby are wearing flip flops like idiots not thinking we would have to walk so much. Anyways, he showed us his horses, which are so pretty, a donkey that was following us around and then this nasty swamp that has an alligator and full of mosquito's that were biting me! Then we went back and played on the 4 wheelers and my hubby rowed himself on the boat my father has on a lake. Then it came down to business. I asked my father if we could shoot the guns and he said yea. He took us to the back and lined up some cans and water jugs and the boys started to play. You can check out my hubbys youtube video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8YOBYev0mo . Its not much so dont feel obligated to watch it.

If your a Call of Duty fan, you will appreciate the gun.

Here are a couple of pics from Sunday:
Thats the cool donkey following us.

And I did dye my hair Saturday. I used Garnier Fructis #51. My aunt went to cosmetology school so she did it for me and it came out really good. Smart me hasnt taken any pics cause I havent dressed up but I will so I can show the results. Im impressed and thinking of stinking to that color cause I like it alot. Oh yea, its ash brown :-) It also left my hair really really soft, as if I left the salon. I loved it.

Anyways, its almost time for me to do my workout video. I just started yesterday and im really going to try to lose weight cause man being big sucks. Im using some post natal one so it isnt like sweating all over the place hard, but the positions are tricky cause "You have to show your muscles how to fire again." Yup, all because I want to have a big party for my 21st Bday and you have to look good on your bday, so hope you all like this entry.

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  1. watched the video! I was so afraid the gun was going to hit him in the eyes every time he shot! lol. Looks like you guys had fun tho!