Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Post

So I am not looking forward to tomorrow, I have to take a diabetes test and they suck! They make you drink some kind of orange juice and its sugarless or something, and you have to finish it in 5 minutes! Its so awful, it will make you feel like throwing up and if you do, you have to drink another one. Ugh, but Ill do it for my baby. I want him to be healthy like his brother so they can have a good life. That brings me to cooking. I'm not a cook, I barely started trying to cook. I know, you think married, being a wife, you should know how to cook, but in my house we mainly bake all our food or eat out a lot. But I'm tired of hamburgers and pizza, and I'm trying not to gain a lot of weight with this pregnancy. Also, my baby should start eating a lot more in the next couple of months, so I want to be able to make him good healthy food. I don't want him to be obese and lazy. So its up to me to change our way for my family.