Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Weekend

So my weekend was alright. Friday my new phone came in. I got the LG Incite with At&t. The phone is pretty,light, and touch screen that responds to nails:-) Im having problems putting my ringtones on it tho. They have to be in a special format and only a certain length and it is so hard to text since there is no keys and you have to use a little pen if you want to use the keyboard option. I also dropped calls for the first time in my life! I try not to complain since my hubby is paying for it but ugh the signal sucks. Overall, the phone is cool with its 3 megapixel camera and microsoft office. I still liked my voyager with verizon better.
Saturday we mainly BBQed hamburgers and watched the fight. I was suprised how fast Malignaggi came out. I thought he would tire himself out but he kept a good pace going. His punches are weak tho. They are fast but no power to them. Yea he hit Diaz a couple of times in the face but it did not mess Diaz up besides cutting his eyebrow with a elbow or head. When Diaz charged, Malignaggi looked like he got beat with a bat and would stumble. The score cards did show Malignaggi threw more punched but it was by unanimous decision Diaz won! I was so happy. The Houston crowd went crazy! Malignaggi made some comments though saying "Boxing is crap" and he only does it for the money. He even said Texas does not fight fair, that the home players always win. I dont know if thats true(even tho 2 judges were from Tx) but the numbers did favor with Malignaggi. I think it was unprofessional for him to say that before the fight too, cause he probabley offended the judges and that didnt help him either. Anyways, it was a awesome fight and I believe it could of gone either way.
Today I finally learned how to make floutas and rice. It was soo good but seemed like it took all day. After cooking and cleaning it was 7 already. I finally got a chance to polish my nails while my hubby played his PS3 and my baby was sleeping.Now its 11 and it seems like hes going to be up tonight. 1 more hour and my weekend is over.


  1. My husband is in love with his ps3. lol. drives me insane some times :) I want a new phone! I always get a new phone an then even better ones come out and I get phone jealousy! Have a great week!

  2. I cant wait til I get a new phone. I can upgrade it in November. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have yet to find a phone from AT&T that DOESNT drop my calls. Its so annoying! Have a great week and I hope it flies by for you!