Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just My Luck

So I was supposed to start working again on Tuesday, but Monday night I got really sick with a headache. So I laid down for a while but all my body started hurting and I had my mom come take care of the baby so my husband could take care of me. Right before she got here to my house I started to vomit like crazy. It was so nasty. My mom and hubby were scared so he took me to the hospital around 10. I kept getting dizzy and vomiting, and they did xrays on me and everything. They couldn't find what was wrong with me so they drugged me with an IV(?) and let me sleep for a little bit. That's the only thing that sucks about hospitals, while your trying to rest/sleep, they keep coming in to check up on you. It was about 2 in the morning and they woke me up to see how I felt, and I did feel better so they released me. I was SO sleepy though, that medicine was still in my body so I came home and went straight to sleep. I don't remember my mom leaving, my husband coming to bed or hearing the baby at night. I was just gone.I thought I would wake up for breakfast or something but before I knew it, it was 12 noon the same day. I was like OMG, I missed my first day of work. I emailed my boss lady and she called me back and I told her what happened. I was so happy she believed me and said they would give me another chance to start Thursday, so tomorrow is the big day again. I even went to NY&Company to buy some work clothes Monday afternoon so at least they will get some use. I only bought 2 pants and 2 blouses cause I am not staying this big! It just gross and the doctor cleared me Monday to "resume all normal activities" so I get to do my videos again. I cant wait for my baby to get a little bigger so we can do mommy and me baby yoga. So yea...all for now...time to get ready for tomorrow! :-)

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  1. glad you are feeling better! Thats sounds horrible. at least your mom was able to come watch the baby so that you could go to the hospital. Did they find anything wrong? Hope your first day of work is a good one!