Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Baby

So we took my baby to his 2 month checkup Tuesday and he is doing well. He now weighs 12.10 pounds. He was doing all good. He was laying there all happy looking all cute. Then it was time for him to get his shots. The nurse came in and popped his pacifier out of his mouth and gave him some clear liquid to help him not get a fever or upset stomach. She gave him his pacifier back then she gave my baby and shot in his left thigh. He squirmed and my eyes got watery. Then she did his right thigh and he started to cry. Then I started crying! I felt so bad for him, my poor baby felt pain for the first time. I wanted to beat up that nurse for making my baby cry.
Then it makes me think of all the things hes going to go through and the pain he will feel and how I cant do much to prevent it from happening. I wish he would just stay little where I can hold him and kiss his bad dreams away. I dont want anything to happen to him. Now I know why my parents were so over-protective of me. All I can do is wait and watch him grow and hopes he will make good decisions.


  1. this was touching. All you can do it raise him the best you can and hope for the best. Sounds like the check up bad though...right?

  2. Oh yuh r too young mummy ......Check ups are always good......dont worry ,things will flow .....easy.